Valtteri Bottas about 2021 Turkish Grand Prix Race

Valtteri Bottas about 2021 Turkish Grand Prix Race

10.10.2021 Off By Garagepeppers

“I think from my side, I have to say, probably one of the best races I’ve had ever. Just apart from that one little slide, everything was under control, but like I said before the race, the car has been good in every condition and I had good confidence with it and could really control it. It’s not easy to choose the strategy here with these conditions, when to stop and which tyre and everything, but I’m glad everything went smooth for once for me and that’s nice. When there’s only one drying line, it doesn’t need much that you go off, so definitely needed to focus all through the race. So difficult one and it feels like a well-earned victory.”

Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes about 2021 Turkish Grand Prix Race.


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